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Kaffeprovning med espressotyper med låg syrahalt

| 750g | Ganze Bohne
Espresso Probierset Säurearm

Lågsyrad espresso i en provsmakningssats bestående av tre sorter, 250 g vardera

Moccaflower Dolce Forte
Dinzler Espresso Roma
Nurri Caffe 100% Napoletano

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Low-acid espresso tasting set 3 x 250g espresso beans A well-prepared espresso is a fine... mer

Low-acid espresso tasting set

3 x 250g espresso beans

A well-prepared espresso is a fine thing. Most people prefer a blend that scores with low acidity. But not all types are low in acidity. Even extremely fine and expensive beans can have a high acid content. Because a light or medium roast brings out sparkling, fruity and floral notes and this is definitely intentional. This gives filter coffee in particular a full aroma and balance that tickles the palate. The fact that this is accompanied by a high to medium acidity cannot be avoided. But since there are also many coffee lovers who do not tolerate pronounced acids in the cup well or simply do not like them, we now have the ideal set here. It consists of three very low-acid espresso types. Dark, strong but not bitter.


Mokaflor Dolce Forte Espresso Coffee

With the Dolce Forte a very interesting mixture was created. Only the best Robustas find their way into this really well-balanced blend. Beans from Zaire in Congo provide the chocolaty taste, while washed beans from Cameroon are responsible for the strong, spicy aroma. At the same time, however, this variety is elegant and round, because beans from the Indian Parchment harmonise the character. Above all, you will experience an extremely low-acid espresso with this masterpiece. The 100% Robusta content promises an extremely thick and consistent crema that lasts a long time in the cup.

Enjoy the Mokaflor Dolce Forte as espresso or in a cappuccino.
This strong blend in particular tolerates milk very well. Connoisseurs try it pure with sugar.


Dinzler Espresso Roma

Dinzlers Roma is low in acidity, strong and spicy like no other. Despite its southern German origin, it is roasted in the classic southern Italian style and thus develops its full Robusta power.
Very intense in taste and distinguished by notes of roasted nuts and chocolate.
What distinguishes this, as well as all other coffees from the Dinzler coffee roasting plant, is the aluminium-free packaging. The absence of multiple coatings means that the bags can be 100% recycled.

This outstanding Robusta Espresso is the ideal basis for cappuccino. But if you like it, you can of course also enjoy it pure as an espresso.


Nurri Caffè 100% Napoletano Espresso

Mixing ratio: 50% Arabica beans / 50% Robustas beans

Classic, elegant and full of spice. Antonio Nurri created with this variety a Neapolitan espresso coffee in his own style.
On the palate it shows strong aromas of dark chocolate and almond combined with the fine notes of wild berries. With the 100% Napoletano from Nurri you get a low acidity espresso that is hard to beat in its balance.
Enjoy this espresso like a real Neapolitan - pure. Thanks to its strong taste, it is also suitable for all types of milk coffee.

A special feature of the Nurri Caffè bags is the integrated zip closure, which allows you to keep the beans fresh even longer.

Art / Beschaffenheit: Ganze Bohne
Gerät: Siebträger, Kaffeevollautomat
Packungsgröße: 750g
Röstgrad: Mittel
Säurearm: ja
Stärke: Ausbalanciert Reviews with

D&S Espresso International GmbH, Liebigstrasse 2-20, 22113 Hamburg, Germany